From C.R.A.Z.Y. busy to
Insanely Abundant

Your new life starts TODAY!

Ready to go from frantic to cool and super successful?
Be madly in love with your business AND lifestyle?
Wake up ecstatic to start a new day… every day?

Introducing the…SUCCESS REMIXED: From “crazy busy” to fun, fierce and financially thriving in 6 months or less
6-month private coaching and mentoring program



This high-level, high-impact program is for you if…

  • You’re so busy you feel like you’ve lost control over your life and business (and you hate every excruciating aspect of not feeling in charge!)
  • You work on countless projects all together and rarely get things done – or done fast enough for your high standards
  • You have mind-blowing expertise, but hardly anyone knows about it or can benefit from it, because implementation isn’t exactly your strong(est) suit
  • You feel guilty or inefficient or unsatisfied with your results pretty much all the time (or all three!)
  • Deep down, you’re afraid you’ll run out of money if you don’t push yourself day in, day out, going above and beyond for everyone but you
  • You want to enjoy life a heck of a lot more than you do now, you just can’t figure how to make it happen without your business crumbling to your feet

Sound familiar?

I designed this program to save you time, energy and disappointments, take away stress and tears, and show you a way to reach your personal and business goals while having the time of your life, drama-free, well supported, more motivated than ever, and ready to rock the world with your newly claimed brilliance and magnetic presence.

SUCCESS REMIXED is for you if you’re an action taker, coachable and open to receiving mentoring.

If you obsess over (versus just wish) to be the best possible you you can be.

If you are so fed up with your current viscious circle that you’re actually going to use the coaching and mentoring to propel you to not to your next level, but to an entirely different universe of how life and business are done with pure joy and magnificent results.

It’s likely the very solution you’ve been praying for.

And it’s right here, so you can get started reinventing your reality today.

Just imagine…
Stress. Disappeared.
Overwhelm. Erased from your vocabulary.
Confusion over what to focus on and analysis paralysis. Been there, done that, moved on.
Exhaustion and fatigue. Gone.
Congested schedule. Not anymore.
Inconsistent income. No longer a program… Clients, money and good fortune are flowing in like clockwork!
Fun. Finally back – and here to stay!
Your heart’s desires. Fulfilled at last.

Guess what? This absolutely CAN be your new normal!

In fact, it SHOULD be your new normal if this is what you desire…


Because craving something is the strongest call to action there is!

I’ll guide you through my proven 5-step C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy To Insanely Abundant Break Free System For Lifestyle Loving Online Entrepreneurs to help you step into the most Connected, Recharged, Accountable, Zen-like and Younique version of you.

You will…

✔ Double Your Wealth

✔ Recharge And Stay Charged

✔ Love Yourself Accountable

✔ Get In The Flow

✔ Live Your Legacy

and this doesn’t even begin to express all the game-changing moments because your transformation certainly won’t stop there!

You see, working with a private mentor and coach literally creates MAGIC.

There’s always unexpected breakthroughs happening left and right, and usually ALL areas of your life are uplifted alongside your business.

I’ll guide you through my proven 5-step C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy To Insanely Abundant Break Free System For Lifestyle Loving Online Entrepreneurs to help you step into the most Connected, Recharged, Accountable, Zen-like and Younique version of you.


SUCCESS REMIXED – entirely delivered over Skype and email – includes the following elements…

  • A comprehensive Welcome Packet, so we’ll be all warmed-up to get started strong
  • A 90-minute Quickstart Intro Session
  • Two (!) Virtual Half VIP Days
  • Four 45-minute coaching and implementation sessions
  • A 90-minute Celebrations and Next Steps Session
  • A weekly Accountability Journal
  • BONUS: Three powerful audio trainings with time-tested coaching techniques you can use to help you focus more, boost your decision making process and skyrocketting your work efficiency
  • YOUR INVESTMENT: 3 monthly instalments of $1,000 or save with a pay in full option of $2,500You’ll get your investment back with one to three clients – and in 3 months of working with me, you can book a lot more than three! Everything beyond that is pure ROI, so really, this is the ultimate no-brainer!

Of course, this is NOT for everyone…

It’s definitely NOT for you if you’re just looking for a magic pill without the willingness to put in any work to create the transformation you desire.

It’s also NOT for you if you don’t want to let your old story, excuses, limiting beliefs, and any other weight around your ankles go, and go fast, so that you can finally feel free to be 100% you and fall in love with your business and life NOW.

And, most of all, it’s NOT for you if your fear is stronger than your desire to thrive in your most expressed and lit up version of yourself.
But that’s not you, is it?

You KNOW that you’re no longer willing to settle. Hurt. Be frantic. Chase time or your to-do list or both. Wait. Hope. Do nothing. Stay miserable or at least less happy than you could be right this moment.

YOU have what it takes to shift anything and everything that doesn’t vibrate at a level that serves you.

If you know you want me on this journey with you, to hold space for you, support you and empower you to step into who you truly are beyond all the everyday madness, let’s go!

Let’s do this!

Let’s ignite your enthusiasm and drive again, free up your schedule, and skyrocket your income.

It’s all yours for the taking! (Yay!)


Online course is coming soon ☺

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this the only private mentoring option to work with you?

No, there are other options as well, like a private Virtual VIP Day / Intensive which is wonderful for a quick immersion into your most pressing needs and desires, creating a personalized step-by-step, implementable strategy for your next 90 days to 6 months. However, I have found that the 6-month timeframe of working together delivers the best results for my clients, since they have my ongoing mentoring support and guidance. Plus, it’s the ideal program for you if you’d like a detailed experience of my entire transformational C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy to Insanely Abundant Break Free System For Lifestyle Loving Online Entrepreneurs.

When can we get started?

Until my roster of private clients fills up, we can get started as soon as we hop on a Clarity Call and determine that working together in this capacity would be a great fit for us both. You’ll receive a Welcome Packet, and we’ll kick your 6-month journey off with a Quickstart intro session where we’ll map out your Success Remixed plan.
Is everyone accepted?

Unfortunately not, but that’s actually good news, because it means that if you’re accepted, this program is perfect for you and can benefit you tremendously. If it’s not, or if I believe that for any reason we might not have a stellar experience working together at this moment, I’ll let you know, and if at all possible, refer you to a colleague that might be a much better fit. So, apply now for your Clarity Call – either way, you win!



Aleš Kavčič – celodnevna delavnica Postani digitalni nomad

Z delavnico sem pridobil veliko novih znanj o tem, kako lahko ustvarim mailing listo na spletni strani, kako na različne načine s triki pridobiti ljudi na svojo spletno stran. Zdaj vem, na katerih spletnih straneh mi omogočajo, da naložim svoje videe in potem svojim strankam dam dostop do njih. Torej, kako svoje znanja zapakirati v različne produkte in jih prodati.
Na splošno super delavnica!!! Z veliko uporabnega materiala in znanj!

– Aleš Kavčič, Železniki, Web Developer

Irena Jeriha

Zapustila sem varno državno službo in sledim svojim željam, da bi počela v življenju stvari, ki me veselijo in nebi imela nikoli več dopusta! Ker če počneš stvari, ki te navdihujejo in pri tem izražaš samega sebe, svoje potenciale – ga ne rabiš.
Seveda brez znanja na različnih, dopolnilnih področjih, ki v realnosti postanejo mogoče še pomembnejše za posel, kot posel sam, oz. ti v začetku vzamejo ogromno časa, ne gre. In po občutku sem se odločila za vašega Digitalnega nomada.
Ob poslušanju avdio posnetka sem bila zelo fascinirala ob preprostem nasvetu, da ni potrebno da smo na svojem področju alfa in omega v svetovnem merilu ampak zadostuje, da smo dva koraka pred našimi “sledilci” , potencialnimi strankami. Zame odrešujoč nasvet, ker sem nagnjena k perfekcionizmu in mi skoraj nikoli ni dovolj dobro, posebej če gre za druge. Ob tem stavku me dohitel tisti “aha” efekt. Saj res. Le kako nisem na to prej pomislila?! Ja, zato pa so izkušene osebe, da ti predajo izkušnje na svoji poti. In te izkušnje so najbolj dragocene,a ne Tina?
Tako, da res hvala za vaše poslovne modele, ki jih prejemam na mail in iz njih izvem res koristne informacije in to na meni razumljiv način, saj se spoznavam s tem področjem kot začetnica. Digitalni nomad mi bo preprečil narediti osnovne napake v začetku posla in me pravilno usmeril v srž dogajanja, saj je tako oblikovan, da z vajami pritegne mojo pozornost in telovadbo mojih komaj prebujenih možgančkov na tem področju. In sestavlja jasno sliko poslovne aktivnosti, ki jo ustvarjam.

– Irena Jeriha


Lea Veider

Brez Tine ne bi nikoli svoje ideje spravila na papir. Ja dobesedno na papir, saj mi je z njeno pomočjo uspelo izdati knjigico Kefir – čarobni napitek za neskončni užitek. Pomagala mi je oblikovati produkt ter me ves čas podpirala, da sem ga tudi uresničila. Sodelovanje s Tino je bilo nepozabno, polno humorja, smeha, dobrih vibracij. Tudi, ko mi je bilo zares težko, me je znala vzpodbuditi, da sem vztrajala,da je vredno. Z njeno pomočjo sem uresničila svoj zastavljeni cilj. 🙂

Hvala iz srca !!

– Lea Veider


Mirjam Golub

Draga Tina, ali naj rečem kar Atomska bomba za podjetnike na začetku in v razcvetu!!!!!! Ko sem prvič zaznala tvojo pošto na mojem mailu, sem mislila ,da iščeš sodelavca in še dobro, da sem Ti napisala hudomušno pismo in šele potem skapirala, da si morda pravi naslov za moje porodne težave v nastajanju nekega podjetnega projekta, ki sem ga začela pred dvemi leti in je zaradi neznanja in … ostal v plenicah in čakal na pravo negovalko, da ga potegne iz plenic. Draga Tina, Ti si moja Alissa Dazet, ki mi je preko nekega internetnega seminarja pokazala pot iz teme, in če ne bi bilo nje, te na žalost ne bi še dooolgo razumela, kaj mi hočeš preko svojih mailov povedati. Tina, hvala za poučevanje, hvala za vso podporo in pushing, kaj in kdaj in kako in brez izgovorov … In vsi vi PRIJATELJI v PODJETNIŠTVU, ki berete to mnenje, ZAGRABITE njeno ZNANJE in pustite se presenetiti, kam vas bo prineslo. In en dan boste spoznali, da brez nje ne bi bili to, kar ste. Upam in ŽELIM, da bi ti coachingi postali redni in da bi Tina iz njih naredila enkrat letne konference, v katerih bi se lahko spoznali in delili znanje in mnenja za boljši in lepši JUTRI v PODJETNIŠTVU. Zdaj pa draga Tina, resno in podjetno v napad za boljši jutri. Mi smo s tabo in vse dobro in slabo bomo razdelili med seboj in s tabo. In zdaj bom dodala še to, da sem srečna, ker sem našla UČITELJA, ki mi lahko pomaga iz zagat in zmot neznanja o podjetništvu. Tega imamo v Sloveniji daleč premalo. Bravo Tina!!!! Ti si nekaj takega kot naši smučarji. Saj se še spomniš one pesmice: „Nič nas ni strah,ker so smučarji z nami …“ Mi pa bomo peli, ko bomo naredili podjetniški preboj: „Nič nas ni strah, ker TINA JE Z NAMI …

– Mirjam Golub, akupunkturistka z dušo


Tea Petančič

Coaching s Tino je bila zelo prijetna in življenjska izkušnja, ki mi je dala odlične napotke glede upravljanja s časom in odnosa do denarja, tako da sem sedaj bolj disciplinirana pri svojih nalogah. Tina iskreno posluša, nevsiljivo odkriva blokade, ki preprečujejo napredek, jih nežno ozavesti ter predlaga konkretne rešitve usmerjene v delovanje.

Coaching s Tino najbolj priporočam vsem, ki se lovijo in “izgubljajo preveč časa” z dejanji, ki jim ne prinašajo zadovoljstva in vsem, ki si želijo boljše rezultate na osebnem ali poslovnem področju, sploh kar zadeva odnosa do denarja in upravljanja s časom. Investicija se povrne že zato, ker sedaj veš, da imaš čas dihati!:)

– Tea Petančič, Svetovalka za kadre, trenerka in Life Coach


Monique Shidell

Before Tina’s coaching I had lots of working and very little time for enjoyment in my life. I felt safe working with Tina. She is kind and compassionate.
The most important breakthrough of the session was my realization that having my time completely structured and not allowing free time to enjoy myself may inhibit my ability to be as productive as I want to be.

– Monique Shidell, Inner Dimensional Transformations, LLC

Lisa Anne Davies

It was wonderful working with Tina. I have been pretty hot on Money Mindset but with this program, I found a path to some unknown feelings and the source of them. The techniques are super useful and it means I can go back with other sources, family history and repeat the process myself. I feel empowered by having these additional tools and Tina is simply great to work with – approachable and I feel really safe talking about money with her, which as we all know can be a pretty tough subject.

– Lisa Anne Davies, Executive Coach

Ready to fall in love with your business (again)?

Do you have mind-blowing expertise, but hardly anyone knows about it or can benefit from it, because implementation isn’t exactly your strong(est) suit?

Are you afraid you’ll run out of money if you don’t push yourself day in, day out, going above and beyond for everyone but you?

Do you feel that you are doing exactly “as you should” in your business, but you are not getting the results that you want in your business?

I know this feeling. I was there. For many years … But it all changed when I’ve created a simple, but yet very powerful Break Free System that has completely changed my life and the life of my family.